Friday, 20 May 2016

Felicite Grace; more than just a pretty face

Felicite Grace Tomlinson Deakin, also the girl knows as 'Louis Tomlinson's younger sister,' definitely has got the looks but looks aren't always everything.
Personally Felicite means much more to me than some celebrity's sister. Despite being 15, the girl speaks out so boldly against harassment, body shaming and other issues under the same categories. Her open minded-ness is something the children of this generation lack. Her maturity and intelligence portrays how well she's been raised and her intellect. Just to prove my point, here are a a few of the many times she's proved what a great role model she is: 

Always so considerate; 

Preach it girl! 

Oh and don't forget how she and her boyfriend have been all your goals *infinite heart eyes* 


She voices out so much positivity and  makes others feel as beautiful as she herself is. My first proper blog goes out to her. My role model and someone who's school of thought i try to live by. The girl who's a perfect example of the statement 'age is just a number.' A girl who supports, donates and attends charity events, works towards supporting people and making them love living in their own skin and lastly, the girl who respects opinions instead of forcing her own on the other person. That's Felicite Grace for you.